5 Stars! “Skillful tongue-in-cheek humor” – Reader’s Favorite

“A book that never overstays its welcome and leaves you wanting a little bit more.” Manhattan Book Review

“A hilarious book, changing your perspective. The author has a witty sense of humor.” – Amazon customer review


Best Director – NYIFF, 2011


Accolade Winner



“An engaging fun read.” -Mark Howell, Key West Citizen, 2014
“Borders on riveting,” -Amazon customer review



Reader’s Favorite 5 stars! 2015

“Awesome! I love the setting and the characters. What isn’t to love?” – Janelle Fila, Readers Favorite


movie pizza LOVE, 2008

Indiefest Feature Film Award-of-Merit Winner

On several “Favorite Films” lists around the world

Thousands of free youtube views (the full feature film is available for free), shared and included in playlists in Brazil, Germany, India, Viet Nam, Mexico, UK, Ireland, United States…and the list goes on….



“Readers will follow the flow and enjoy this tale.” -Dick Weissman, Portland Book Review, September, 2016


Long Strange Trip

Most Promising Director – NYIIFVF, 1999

Viewers Fav Quotes

Longest movie titles of all time – Film Comment, and several other lists 

(“Long Strange Trip – or The Writer, The Naked Girl, and the Guy With a Hole in His Head”)

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