Wick began working professionally as a stand-up comedian in Seattle in his 20’s. He worked clubs on the road throughout the United States, including places as far apart as Texas, Michigan and California. He eventually began appearing at the Improv in Los Angeles in the mid 1990’s. Wick stepped away from stand-up when focusing on his independent films, but has always returned to the stage after being away from it. He produced his own stand-up show in Seattle, in 2006, and prior to the COVID-19 closures of most clubs, Wick could be found on a given night on stages around Los Angeles.

*During the 2020 COVID lockdown, as stand-up comedy clubs – along with countless other businesses – shut down, Wick moved outside, where he shot short comedy clips under the title, “Old Kid on the Block.” In January, 2021, with the help of editor Marceline De Angelis, Wick compiled his short comedy clips into a single 14 minute video. It lives here and on Youtube: