Milo and Meg are Solid

Wick’s latest book is an imaginative fantasy written for middle grade kids; 13 year-old Milo, and his 12 year-old sister Meg, have discovered something strange in their hometown of August. They have discovered a strange world called Icarus, where they become pencil drawings. The world around them is a watercolor painting.

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Peter Wick - Reader's Favorite


“An engaging, fun read.” – Mark Howell, Key West Citizen

Always a writer, Peter Wick is now a novelist. His novel Key West, a fictionalization of 1950′s real-life conflict between Miami Herald columnist Stephen Trumbull and corrupt state Representative Bernie Papy, was published in paperback and as an eBook by Wheelman Press in 2013.  A consistent seller, the novel was followed up by several “companion episodes,” 50 to 60 page novellas which are available only as eBooks on Amazon.

In 2014, Wick established Azzurri Publishing, which has published Key West: Special Edition, Key West: The Companion Episodes compendium, and (most recently) his comedic novella, It Is What It Is.

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