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‘It Is What It Is – A Novella’

Seventeen years ago…

Zenny Zeller was the drummer of one-hit wonder band “Gupper Fish.” Now he rents space in his house to the beautiful Stella and her band. Stella’s drummer, I.Q., has disappeared….again. Zenny and the band bumble through one possible lead after another, hoping to find I.Q. before their big club show for industry mogul, Glazer-from-Polymorph. Along the way they encounter an endless parade of colorful characters, some of them burned out old friends of Zenny’s from “back in the day.”

This new light hearted novella from Wick humorously weaves a fun and funny tale, inspired in part by Wick’s own history on the fringes of the “grunge” music scene.

Available on Amazon, in Paperback and Kindle Editions:
It Is What It Is – A Novella